Tuesday, March 2, 2010


If I'm being completely honest, my reasons for wanting to write this started with selfish and defensive motivations. Hopefully, as you read on, it'll become clear that those kind of motives lead to nothing but a vicious circle of arguments and a very ugly display of a life unbecoming a Christian. What I would like to do instead is take this as an opportunity to encourage those who desire to walk the footsteps of Jesus to stay focused on the author and perfecter of our faith and not be distracted by those who, even with the best of intentions, have been tricked by the deceiver into this facade of religion instead of a relationship with Jesus.

Don't get me wrong. One thing that we don't have enough of within the body of Christ is accountability. Alot of times, we may question the actions of a brother of sister but, because we lack knowledge, we fail to "call them out". That's not to say we should be hanging our dirty laundry out for the world to see. God's word plainly states how we should go to that person, in God's love, and show them what God's word says about the situation at hand and pray that their eyes are opened to the Truth. Jesus said,"If you know me, you will be my disciples and you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free." (John 8:31-32) If a lack of knowledge is what's hindering you, the solution is easy. Pick up a copy of God's word, readily available, and begin to read. Personally, I've got several different translations. If I'm feeling scholarly, I'll pick up a KJV and try and decipher old testament lingo. Other times, I'll pick up a NAS or a copy of "The Message" and really enjoy the simplicity of it. Either way, Ask God to speak to you clearly. I believe He wants to.

Wisdom, however, is a different story. Wisdom is actually taking what we know and applying it properly. Sometimes its a lack of wisdom that compels us to speak what we have read but we lack the spiritual maturity to know when to shut up. I get all excited about something I've read or heard and, before you know it, I've opened my mouth and made a train wreck of things. Again, Jesus said,"If you KNOW me...". Not just His words but His heart! There's alot of Christians running around quoting what we all know to be true but, if our words aren't "delivered with grace, as though seasoned with salt" (Col 4:6) then it can have quite the opposite effect! Its like the "bull in a china shop" syndrome.
Wisdom is just one of those things that take time. You could memorize the Bible inside and out and, if you don't know the heart of the Master, you'll still mess up.

Finally, there's faith. Even if we had Solomon's wisdom, I believe God can and will ask us to do things that defies our finite understanding. Whether it be a command to build an ark or whether it be to follow Him straight into the heart of Samaria, as children of God, I believe we have a responsibility to obey first and ask questions later.

"Therefore as you have come to know Jesus Christ, SO WALK IN HIM, having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, and overflowing with gratitude." (Col 2:6-7)

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