Tuesday, May 7, 2013

CROSSFIT (continued)

Well, it happened again today. I started the day with a couple of cups of coffee and went to the gym. The gym, as mentioned in one of my earlier blogs ("Crossfit"), has been a place of a lot of inspiration for what's been happening in my life. Why Crossfit? Because life changes. A lot of those changes are often uncomfortable and unwanted but definitely needed.

So, I exited the gym with plenty of things on the daily agenda. Most, of which, involved a lot of manual labor and moving things from place to place. While loading my truck, I found myself in conversation with two ladies that had experienced some of those "changes" in the form of job loss and, even, their homes. Suddenly, life changed.

I found myself sitting when there was so much to be done. I was so happy to find that they, both, had recognized this season of loss as a time of opportunity rather than defeat. I believe desperation can sometimes cause us to see more clearly than when things are going well. Maybe a relation to "fight or flight". With things suddenly brought sharply into focus, it either paralyzes us with fear or it empowers us to press on.

Each application produces it's own results. Paralyzed by fear does exactly that. It brings everything to a screeching halt and sucks the life right out of you. Nothing happens. Only existing.

Life, however, happens when we get fed up with just existing and begin to crave life abundant. And, so, the game begins. Senses are sharpened and the body responds. Sometimes explosive. Sometimes delayed. All depending on the signals that are sent from the head to the body. The brain and body always in constant conversation.

Often times, the results aren't instantaneous. In fact, you may never see them. One thing is for certain. Someone else will. People are always watching to see how the story unfolds and, long after we may have passed away, someone will draw from our reactions as a guide to how to approach life.

The reality is, we're all desperate whether we know it or not. Jesus Christ left his throne to walk this earth for 33 years and gave us the perfect demonstration of life. Right now, someone is saying "But, he died...". Yup. And He encourages us to do the same. When we understand our purpose of worship and, in that, realize that it's not about being self serving but, rather, serving others we intentionally listen for God's voice, take the words of instruction and activate. We die to self only to be raised to new life.

What about you? Is this season of loss or desperation or have you found yourself in the harsh estate of complacency? Personally, I don't want to go out without a fight but, in order to do what is required, I'm going to need more power than I can personally muster up. His name is Jesus and He's waiting to breath life into bones.